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Why Regular Facials Make a HUGE Impact on Skin Health

How is your skin looking and feeling this winter?

The winter months can be an absolute nightmare for our skin. Whether you’re running for the TTC or even just getting in and out of your car, the frigid temperatures and harsh winds pull the moisture right out of any exposed areas of our body. You’d think once you get inside you’d be safe, but not so! The indoor heaters that warm us up are also drying out the air, leaving our homes feeling about as humid as a desert. It all really takes its toll on your skin!

There are preventative steps you can take, like using a humidifier in your home and fully covering up whenever you’re outside. Still, these can only improve but not solve the overriding problem. It isn't until the spring comes that you can find some skincare relief, right?

Actually, you can find skincare relief year-round by coming into Thair for regular facials to protect your skin and keep your face radiant throughout the winter months. Here are some excellent ways that regular facials can have a massive impact on your skin health!

Anti-Aging Properties

Wrinkles often appear so slowly that we barely even notice them… Until one day—WOW! You're looking in the mirror and think, "OMG, look at the lines on my forehead!" It can be a shocking realization.

Realistically, wrinkles and age come for us all and we are not age shaming in any way. You can be beautiful and look your best at any age! But there are things you can do to keep your skin healthy and nourished, which helps keep your skin wrinkle-free for as long as possible. In fact, some people call a good facial the fountain of youth. And for good reason! A great facial provides powerful nourishment when it comes to skin health. Facials keep your skin looking more youthful, smoother, and plumper by promoting collagen production and preventing wrinkles!

And while the cost of regular facials might seem like a luxurious splurge, when you look at the long term benefits and lifelong cost savings, they are well worth it! The cost of a dozen facials a year pales in comparison to the money, not to mention time and discomfort, that would come from cosmetic surgery later in your life. By taking care of your skin today, you can skip cosmetic surgery, like face or brow lifts later, or even relatively minor procedures like heavy acid peels. Facials are a powerful preventative measure that keeps your skin healthy and looking young for years to come!

Deep Cleanse

It’s super gross to think about it but would you believe just how dirty and clogged your pores can get? It’s both icky but also extremely satisfying to get rid of all that gunk!

Depending on the specific facial, we remove dead skin, open and unclog your pores, and extract impurities safely and gently. The specific treatment, of course, doesn't mean you should stop your at-home regimen, but a regular facial can undoubtedly improve the results you get over time!

When you first have a facial, the deep cleaning works towards removing all of the build up of dirt your poor skin has been accumulating all over time. What’s great about regular facials is that after all that long term build up is gone, the ensuing facials can work towards maintaining your pristine skin condition, and after your second and third facial, you’ll look more radiant than you ever have before. Your skin will be the squeakiest cleanest—and therefore the healthiest—it’s ever been!


When we ask our clients their favourite part about getting a facial, we expect them to say the look of their skin afterward or the long-term benefits to their skin. And of course those are important! But surprisingly, a large number of our clients talk about how relaxing they find the experience of getting a facial. And we can’t argue with that!

There is something wonderful about being able to lay back for an hour while people pamper you! That's why many people find facials to be incredibly relaxing. It's a lot like getting a massage for your face, and in fact, we offer a Gym Massage Facial, which is a unique massage with the purpose of relaxing the muscles in the face, neck, shoulders, and upper back. It removes pain and tension in the muscles which are usually strained, shortened and blocked because of emotional factors, stress, and aging. If you want to relax and feel invigorated, this is the facial for you!

Getting any kind of facial offers profound self care that every person in today’s busy world really needs. If you're running around all day at work, or taking care of the kids, or just running errands, getting a facial can be a fantastic way to slow down. There's no phone buzzing, no emails to answer, or responsibilities pulling you in ten directions at once. Instead, you get an hour of calm and peace. That time is worth its weight in gold.

Treating & Healing Specific Skin Issues

Not all facials are for all people. Everyone is different with different skincare needs. What could result in beautiful, smooth skin for one person could be somewhat irritating for someone else.

One of the significant advantages of coming into Thair for a facial is that we can focus on your specific skincare issues. We offer several different facials, each tackling a different set of skincare challenges. By tailoring the facial to your needs, we can help your acne, blackheads, dryness, wrinkles, or whatever you want us to focus on.

For example, if you have very sensitive skin, you might have avoided facials in the past out of fear of irritation and redness. That’s why we offer a facial specially designed for sensitive skin. We can discuss your specific concerns before the facial to personalize the experience. If you're worried about a particular treatment, don’t worry, we can skip it! We’ll consult with you before proceeding with any procedures because your facial is all about YOU and your needs and desires.

Is A Facial For Me?

Even if you have a thorough-nightly skincare regimen, you aren't going to get the same deep cleansing experience that you get with an in-spa facial. The difference between a professional facial and an at-home treatment is like working with a professional hairstylist versus you with your blow dryer at home… only perhaps even more so!

When you come in for a facial at Thair, you're working with professionals who know skincare. We've treated countless people, all with different skincare concerns, and we have all of the very best techniques, products, and most up-to-date information on skincare.

If you are looking for a wonderfully relaxing and effective skincare boost this winter, we invite you to drop into Thair Hair Boutique and Spa! We’ll find the right facial protocol for your skin needs and it truly will feel like it's designed especially for you. Whatever your needs, we can pick and choose skincare treatments to create your perfect facial. Please don't hesitate to book an appointment with us today.




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