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Summer Skin Care Tips

May 2020: one week it’s snowing and the next it’s a heat wave! Summer is finally here! But is your skin ready for it?

We aren't going to lie; this spring feels like it's lasted forever. Having to stay inside so much really dampened the springtime spirit. But here's the good news: the summer is almost here! Officially, it begins June 20th, but some of the heat has already started early.

Even better, with stay-at-home guidelines being relaxed and non-essential businesses starting to reopen, we might finally be able to get back to a semblance of normal. We can finally enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine, even if we need to be physically distanced while we do it!

Just remember: with all of this warmth and sun comes some significant skin care challenges. When the seasons change, so must your skin care regimen. So, here are some summer skin care tips that will keep you looking healthy and glowing all summer long—and beyond!

Sunscreen is a Must

Our top summer skin care tip is likely the same as your mother's: Put on some sunscreen before you leave the house!

Few things are as bad for your skin as a bad sunburn, and that goes for extended sun exposure as well, even if you don’t burn. It’s a real danger for skin cancer later in life and the sun can really dry out your skin and give it a leathery complexion. Yikes!

Thankfully, the slimy, sticky stuff that you used to put on as a kid is a thing of the past. Modern sunscreens can not only protect you from the sun but also keep your skin healthy at the same time.

Every summer, you're confronted with a choice between natural and chemical sunscreens. So what's the difference? Chemical sunscreens use substances that react to UV rays, transferring the UV into heat energy, which is then released off your skin. Not only does that sound complicated but but some of the chemicals used in these sunscreens are associated with health risks, such as hormonal disruption, rashes, dry skin, or even cancer.

Natural sunscreens, on the other hand, are exactly that: natural. Rather than using chemicals to protect your skin, they use physical blocking agents to reflect the UV rays. These properties make them significantly better for those who suffer from sensitive skin and allergies, and they last longer than chemical sunscreen. We highly recommend Cocoon Apothecary Reflector, which we carry in our store.

Your Lips Can Burn Too!

Even if you’re obsessed with keeping your skin safe from UV rays, it can be easy to forget about your lips. They can be damaged too!

While you might not want to cover your lips with sunscreen, it's still important to give them UV protection. Thankfully, the right lip moisturizer can solve this problem. Don't trust a box that just says, "sun protection," and instead look for the SPF rating. You want an SPF rating of 15 or 30 to make sure that your lips are protected from UV rays.

Goodbye Heavy Creams, Hello Light Serums

The last thing you want to wear during the summertime is a heavy sweater. The same goes for your makeup and moisturizer!

Rather than covering your face with a heavy cream that will cause you to sweat, we recommend switching it out for a light serum. An excellent quality serum will still provide you with the moisturizing your skin needs but without the weight of a cream. With a good serum, your skin will feel lighter, healthier, and more pleasant this summer. Antipodes Hosanna or Graydon’s Full Moon Serum are light weight, water based serums that are great for plumping and hydrating.

Antioxidants Are Your Friend

If you’re going to go with a serum, make sure there are antioxidants included in the formulation.

For example, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that comes with a multitude of benefits, especially in the summer. It will promote collagen production and prevent wrinkles while also helping you avoid hyperpigmentation, a significant danger during the sunny summer months.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Something you should never be without in the summer is a water bottle. The heat and sun can dehydrate you before you realize it, leaving you with a headache, exhaustion, and (believe it or not) dry skin. Keep an eye out for chapped lips; it’s a sign of dehydration. By keeping your body hydrated, you’re providing your skin with the moisture it needs to stay healthy and glowing. Within Us has an amazing collagen powder with electrolytes called ReHydate, a great product to keep you hydrated and healthy!

Avoid Hot Showers

One skin care tip that we recommend year-round is to avoid hot showers. Not only will a scalding shower pull moisture from your skin, it can also cause a tremendous amount of irritation and redness. In the summertime, avoiding that heat is extra important. You're already going to be hot and sweaty because of the weather, so doubling down on the heat isn't going to do your skin any favours.

Cool that shower temperature down. A nice, cool shower will be refreshing and keep your body temperature at a comfortable level, especially during those long +30 degree days. Mind you; we're not talking about a frigid shower that leaves you shivering—just a comfortable in-between temp that takes the edge off the heat. Cool water is less likely to cause skin irritation but will do an equally good job of cleansing.

Another reason why cool showers can be a better idea is that you can enjoy them a little longer, which is excellent if you're using a shower body scrub that requires you to leave it on your skin for a duration. We retail a top seller sugar scrub by LoveFresh, it leaves your skin silky smooth, and no need for lotion!

By the way, don't forget about your summer haircare too!

We aren't sure yet when Thair Hair Boutique & Spa will be reopening, although we hope soon! Until then, we sell a variety of skin care products that will keep you looking your best, even without regular facials. Get in touch and we can arrange an order for you. And we’ll be sure to let you know when we’ll be reopening, so stay tuned. We can't wait to see you again!




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