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Spiritual Self-Care During Social Distancing

How are you holding up? Have you been practicing spiritual self-care during this period of social distancing?

This is a super stressful time. Dealing with this pandemic might be the most anxious and stressful thing you’ve ever had to go through. Not only do we have to watch the news every day to figure out if things might finally be leveling off, but we also have to do it while social distancing.

We highly recommend this article by Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra: How to Live with Certainty in Uncertain Times. It’s so good, even Oprah shared it.

Times are certainly tough. As human beings, we’re social creatures. Introvert or extrovert, we all seek out and crave social interactions of one sort or another. Whether it’s a big party, a quiet one-on-one conversation, or even just being around people at work, social connections can play a significant role in our spiritual self-care.

So, what’s happening with your spiritual self-care while you’re socially distancing because of coronavirus? If you don't take steps to take care of yourself spiritually, it can accumulate and lead to increased stress, anxiety, depression, or multiple other emotional (or even physical) symptoms. Please don’t let it get to that point. We want you to take care of yourself!

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to keep yourself spiritually healthy during this ordeal. Here are some of our favourites that we're using over the next few weeks!


Meditation is one of the purest forms of spiritual self-care. No matter what you believe, spending some time sitting and focusing on your breathing can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

We all have some extra time on our hands now, so setting aside 15 minutes a day for mediation could do wonders to get you through the weeks and months ahead. There are some great apps that can help. Meditation Insight Timer is a great app to help you get into a meditation zone. And Listen Lightly provides a 30-day beginner program online that offers an easy and un-intimidating way to start meditating.

Apps like these can help get you going and keep you grounded and centred. Or you can just find a cozy, quiet corner and simply breathe.

If you’re into yoga, it’s great because there are so many practices to choose from and you can combine your meditation with your physical exercise. Two for the price of one!

There are free yoga classes on YouTube, like this 20 minute home yoga workout for beginners.


We know many people are really missing their massages at Thair right now. We are too! But there are some options.

If you live with a partner, consider trading massages. There are countless excellent massage tutorials on YouTube like this one where you can learn some basic techniques. It’s actually pretty relaxing just watching it! While you won't quite be able to reach the sublime heights of a Thair massages (yeah, we're going to toot our own horn here!), they’ll help you relax and we could ALL use a bit of relaxation.

But don’t worry if you live alone! There are some really great self-massage techniques you can use too and they’re surprisingly effective. The main thing is to set aside some time to think about your body, how you’re feeling, and to give your body some love and care. You’ll feel so much better.

Keep Your Space Tidy

Marie Kondo says that "a messy room equals a messy mind." We’re inclined to agree.

You might not realize it but the presence of a mess could be causing you increased levels of anxiety. If your home is getting a bit messy or you just haven’t had time to clean up in a while, now is the time. It is spring, after all. How about some spring cleaning?

Cleaning up your home has two positive outcomes. First, it gives you something productive to do, which can be wonderful if you’re currently on leave from work. Second, it will reduce clutter, giving you room to breathe in your space rather than feeling oppressed by it.

Get Outside

Because of social distancing, we’re all feeling pretty stuck in our houses, condos, and apartments. But, at least for the moment, that isn't true. As of this writing, there are no full quarantines yet in effect in Canada.

As long as you can leave the house, we recommend doing so! Get outside and enjoy the turning of the season. It’s been sunnier lately and the temperatures are becoming more mild. A nice long walk can be restorative to both your physical and mental health. Just maintain a six-foot distance from other people while you're outside and enjoy the rapidly warming springtime temperatures!

Don't Binge on the News

There can be a dark side of technology. In this time of pandemic, there can be a temptation to keep the news running 24/7. It seems like there’s always a breaking story every minute, and news sources want you to stay pinned to the news. The whole thing can get you very wound up and addicted and being overly “tapped in” just isn’t healthy.

We also don't recommend disconnecting from the world entirely, as this is a time when you need to know what's going on. So here is our advice: if you're a news junkie, watch it 1-2 times a day at set hours and with time limits. Pick a time to check in, read or watch the headlines, and then check out again. That will keep you informed about what’s happening, but also not overwhelm you with negative headlines.

Finding this balance is essential for your mental health, especially at a time like this.

Plug INTO Communication Technology

While it’s good to disconnect from over-saturation of news, doom, and gloom, technology can also be used to feel more connected with the people you love.

Now, we aren't saying that you should be sitting at your computer all day, day in and day out. That's also unhealthy. Spending endless hours on social media isn’t really the answer. But making Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime dates with your friends, doing group chats, We’re particularly fond of Zoom for group calls. You can check it out here.

You can even play games online with your friends—real people! Trivia games like Jack Box are awesome to play with your friends while you're in different locations and can be excellent for keeping you socially connected while still social distancing.

Your Spiritual Health Matters

The world is full of uncertainty right now, so more than ever you need to take care of your personal well being. That includes caring for your spiritual and mental health as well as your physical health. You can read our other blog post, Self-Care During Social Distancing: Body Care for ideas for your physical well being.

We at Thair Hair Boutique and Spa miss you and look forward to seeing you again when everything has settled down. In the meantime, we encourage all of you to practice self-care and know that we will be there for you when we get to the other side of this crisis. All of our love.




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