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Transform your Skin with our LED Photon Treatment

Have you heard of LED light therapy? It’s amazing what it can do for your skin!

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and believe it or not NASA actually discovered the technology! While they were studying the effects LED therapy had on plants they decided to see if it could also speed up healing in the skin. It turns out that just like on plants, LED therapy stimulates mitochondria (cell fuel) and boosts our collagen production. Skin looks gorgeous!

Here, at Thair Hair Boutique & Spa we’re offering a brand new 4-light LED treatment. Red, green, yellow, and blue light are each used to get to a certain level of the epidermis, which helps to tackle the corresponding skin issue. It’s all very scientific but what’s important is that it helps your skin look incredible.

Let’s take a look at the effects of each colour.

Red Light Therapy

Red LED light therapy is one of the most popular LED treatments because it can treat so many skin issues! The red LED light wavelength is 630nm and is known as "biological activity light." So what does that mean for you?

The red light is used to improve cell light spot and help rejuvenate wrinkles. It also increases the elasticity of the skin and improves the overall skin condition. It even repairs damaged skin, shrinks pores to make the skin more firm, and produces an anti-aging antioxidant effect. The Red LED light treatment really works like magic!

Green Light Therapy

Green LED light therapy has a wavelength of 520nm, which produces a calming effect in the skin. It works to even out skin pigmentation for those who have discolouration or patchy skin. And with this balance, it can reduce skin oil secretions, as well as balance the proportion of water and oil.

Green LED light therapy also effectively relieves mental stress, while dredging lymph and drainage. The lymphatic system is an essential part of our immune system. It works to discharge, transport, filter, and remove the decomposition of foreign impurities from our bodies. By using the green LED wavelength to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, you’ll help remove toxins and excess lymphoid tissue. Think of it as removing unwanted gunk and leaving you clean and pure from the inside out!

Yellow Light Therapy

Yellow LED light therapy is a unique treatment with a 590nm wavelength. This colour is used to improve the exchange of cell oxygen to the skin cells in a way that adds energy and decomposes pigment. Yellow LED light therapy also promotes lymphatic drainage and improves skin roughness and wrinkles. Yellow LED light therapy treatment is also perfect for treating any skin redness and enhances our overall skin immunity.

It may sound complex, but the rejuvenating effects are simply awesome! Think bright, sunny, radiant skin.

Blue Light Therapy

If you’re looking to treat acne breakouts, then our blue LED light therapy is what you’ve always hoped for.

The Blue LED light has a wavelength of 470nm, which is used to kill inflammation by generating an anti-inflammatory effect. It’s like kryptonite for blasting acne. The best part is there’s absolutely no damage to the skin tissue when bacteria is efficiently destroyed. Our blue LED light treatment helps with acne sores and sterilization to repair the skin, without leaving any pox marks or pigments.

People who have struggled with acne and then undergo Blue Light Therapy are amazed by how healing it is for the skin and say that the results of the treatment really improves their self esteem and overall quality of life.

Try this Incredible Skin Treatment in Toronto

At Thair Hair Boutique & Spa we only offer the finest environmentally conscious and organic hair and spa experience. All our products and services are thoroughly researched to ensure the utmost results, satisfaction, and safety for our clients.

In fact, LED light therapy is the only aesthetic device that has no contraindications of any kind, which means that there are no factors that serve as a reason to withhold the treatment to anyone due to any possible harmful repercussions. It’s 100% safe for everyone. It works well for all skin types, colours, and conditions. It’s even safe around the eyes, and it can’t be overused!

Book your LED light therapy treatment today. Trust us, your skin will love you for it!




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