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Holiday Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Well, anyone who feels overwhelmed, that’s who!

While we can’t deny that the month of December can be full of magic and wonder, the reality is that it can also be full of stress and panic. Between shopping for presents, prepping for big family dinners, and wrapping up everything at work before your vacation starts, the pressure can feel hectic.

If you’re planning to enjoy the festivities and get-togethers, then you might have a particular makeup look in mind. With all the rush, you might wonder when you’ll be able to find the time to look your best for all those holiday parties? You might not have time to give your makeup the polish that you want. Well, don’t worry, because we have some makeup tips that will have you looking your best this holiday season!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

It’s around the end of November that the cold can first start to get to your skin. If you’re already prone to dry skin, then the freezing weather isn’t going to help matters. But even if the onset of dry skin isn’t immediately visible, the cold is starting to take its toll. That’s why properly moisturizing your skin during the wintertime cannot be overstated.

As with all of your cosmetic products, it’s essential to use an organic moisturizer to avoid allergens and chemicals that might cause more drying in the long run—or even the short run for that matter. Yes it’s true: the wrong moisturizer can actually make your skin worse!

By the way, don’t forget to “moisturize” your hair during the holiday season as well. A fantastic conditioner can help you fight against the cold, dry air to keep your locks healthy, lushy, and lovely!

If you want to find the perfect moisturizer for your unique skin and hair needs this winter, we can help. Book an appointment at Thair Hair Boutique & Spa and we can look at your personal needs and recommend organic, natural products to help.

Choose a Festive Lip Colour

If there was ever a season to go bold with the colour red, it’s the winter holidays. Even if you don’t personally celebrate Christmas, deep winter holds a strong association with the colour red. It makes a beautiful contrast against the white of the snow, like plump mistletoe berries in a winter wonderland.

Picking the right eye-catching red lipstick for your skin tone and complexion takes a certain amount of finesse and trial and error. The underlying traces of blue, brown, purple, peach, or even orange might work surprisingly well in the red against your skin.

Make sure that you’re choosing lipstick that’s organic, non-toxic. Remember that it will be applied directly to the very thin tissue of your lips. And even though it’s not pleasant to think about, we end up ingesting a lot of our lipstick. Kind of gross, but even worse if that lipstick isn’t all natural!

Don’t Forget Your Eyebrows!

Whether you’re going for a festive or party time look, or just an everyday winter refresh, you don’t want to forget about your eyebrows!

Your eyebrows are the perfect frame to help make your beautiful eyes pop. The trick here is not to go too heavy. If you choose too dark a colour for your brows, you might look angry rather than joyful in your holiday Instagram photos.

If you need help getting the right eyebrow look, we have a great selection of eyebrow pencils and powders that are natural without the use of any chemicals. They’re perfect for your holiday look and make great gifts for your friends too!

Have Some Fun!

While you might desire a more sophisticated look for the first part of the winter holidays, come New Year’s Eve it may be time to shake things up! It’s a great time to cut loose and shake up your look.

And what says “fun” more than a little shimmer!? Depending on your mood, a bit of sparkle, glitter, or iridescence can really take your NYE look to the next level. Whether you’re striving for completely wild to runway-chic, New Year’s Eye is the perfect time to break it out!

We’ll Do It For You!

If you want to make 100% sure that your makeup is going to look flawless for holiday parties or other events, come into Thair Hair Boutique & Spa for our makeup services! In just 20 minutes (express) or 40 minutes , we’ll give you the perfect makeup look and you’ll be ready to head to your party! This is even better when you combine it with one of our haircuts, blow outs, or colour sessions. And if you want to be 100% sure that you’re fully prepped, you might want to consider coming into your makeup appointment at Thair with your outfit already assembled. That way, you’ll be able to see the “final effect” once your makeup is complete!

You can count on all of the products we use at Thair being organic and all-natural. We don’t mess around when it comes to your health OR your appearance! We use high-quality, recognized products from Butter London, Blinc, and Urban Minerals, to name a few. You can check out our website if you’d like to see all of the brands we offer!

Don’t Have Time?

If 40 minutes sounds like more time than you can spare, don’t worry, because we have another option. If you’re under some tight time constraints this holiday season, we also offer an Express Makeup appointment. This only takes 20 minutes to deliver professional, polished results. You’ll have a flawless complexion using only the best all-natural makeup, just in time for your holiday shindig!

Oh, and if you’re stumped about gift ideas, we invite you to take a look at our selection all-natural, organic makeup in store. Nothing says, “Happy Holidays” like organic skincare!

Take the Stress Out of the Holidays

At Thair Hair Boutique & Spa, we’re big fans of the holiday season, but also realize how stressful it can be for some people. Whether if it’s for makeup, hair, or a relaxing massage, if we can help alleviate even a bit of that pressure, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us today.




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