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Healing with Hand Reflexology

Have you heard of hand reflexology? It’s a fantastic treatment that targets certain areas of your body by applying pressure to specific points on the hands. It works wonders in helping alleviate a variety of ailments within your body, and it can provide immediate relief from pain and tension.

Plus, it just feels soooo good!

At Thair Hair Boutique and Spa we’re all about creating a tranquil setting that showcases our absolute dedication to green, organic, and environmentally friendly sustainable living. That’s why we love hand reflexology! It’s an all-natural, safe form of alternative therapy or massage therapy that targets your key body zones right from the palm of your hands.

Here’s something interesting you might not know: Reflexology has been used for thousands of years with historical records showing that reflexology was used in both Egypt and China as far back as 2000 BC.

The idea behind reflexology has to do with your energy meridians which run through your body. By applying pressure to certain spots on the hands known as reflex points, it can influence the flow of energy resulting in a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Here are seven benefits to hand reflexology we absolutely love:

1. Eliminates Toxins

Reflexology improves bladder function and lowers the risk of urinary tract issues. This is because it improves the way your body eliminate toxins and other foreign substances. Reflexology is great for protecting your body from various diseases and health conditions that often stem from a compromised urinary system.

2. Improves Nerve Function

Did you know that as you get older your nerve endings in many parts of your body become less sensitive? This is especially true of your extremities. Luckily, reflexology can stimulate over 7,000 different nerve endings in just one session alone! Isn’t that amazing?

Reflexology helps to increase the function and reactivity of your nerves, and it opens and cleanses your neural pathways. Just like muscles, neural pathways need to be worked on to keep them functioning in tip-top shape, and reflexology can help improve their functionality and flexibility in many parts of your body.

3. Boosts Energy Levels

Reflexology works to align the way your organs and muscles function. This helps boost your metabolism and the way your body creates energy. So, if you’re feeling tired or sluggish use reflexology to put some pep back in your step!

4. Improves Circulation Throughout Your Body

Reflexology is famous for improving circulation throughout your whole body. This treatment helps blood and oxygen cycle through your body more effectively. That means more oxygen reaches vital organs resulting in optimized organ function and a further boost to your metabolism. Plus, it even speeds up healing and the regrowth of damaged cells. Ah-May-Zing!

5. Increases Relaxation

Imagine the feeling of relaxation flooding your entire body. Wooooosh… It’s like melting into your happy place. As we mentioned, reflexology is known to open neural pathways causing an increase of free-flowing neural activity. In turn, this can induce a state of calm not only in your body but in your mind too. This is why reflexology is often used to cure sleep disorders like insomnia because the treatment helps your body relax and get back to a healthy circadian rhythm. Yes, please! Mmmm….

6. Reduces Allergies

We love spring... but we hate the seasonal allergies that come with it! Fortunately, another known benefit of hand reflexology is the reduction of allergy symptoms. YASS! You’ll be amazed by it. By applying pressure to the fleshy part of the topside of your palm, our expert reflexologists will increase the circulation of blood to your nasal passage and your throat area. This will eliminate toxin buildup and reduce symptoms like itchy throat, runny nose etc. Reflexology also stimulates the lymphatic system and triggers the release of endorphins, which naturally make us feel good.

7. Gets Rid of Headaches

Do you suffer from chronic headaches, especially headaches brought on by stress or anxiety? Then you need reflexology! A study found that over half of the participants who received treatment for six months noticed a reduction in headaches and nearly 25% of participants stopped having headaches altogether. What a relief!

Book Your Appointment Today

Have we piqued your curiosity? Reflexology is truly an amazing way to relieve pain and stress while benefiting your whole body. It’s one of the best ways to thank your body for all the hard work it does every day, and it allows you to take that perfect moment of tranquillity you deserve. So book your appointment today and let our expert reflexologists treat you.




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