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Hair Care at Home!

Updated: May 5

Have you seen the social media photos of the "at-home" haircuts people are giving themselves?

As a hair care professional, these pics make me want to laugh and cry!

Professional hair care is something that we all kind of took for granted until it was no longer accessible. Since COVID-19 has made getting an in-salon haircut and style impossible, we're left to our own devices. And, judging by the photos, we need some help! We can laugh about it being a #firstworldproblem but almost everybody has at least some hair, so it’s something we’re all feeling!

But not to worry, Thair is here! No, we can't come to your house to do your hair, but we can offer some tips that will improve your at-home hair outcomes and keep your locks healthy and managed until we can finally all get back to normal!

For now, our fearless leader Traci is here with her top three at-home hair care tips:

Treat Your Scalp

Something you might not often think about is scalp care. We are so focused on our hair that we miss the skin underneath, and that's a big mistake. If you don't have healthy skin on your head, then your hair and overall look are going to suffer. That's why, during stay-at-home orders, you should be paying particular attention to the cleansing of your scalp.

Ok, but how?

At Thair Hair Boutique & Spa, we use scalp exfoliation, cider rinses, massages, and thoroughly rinsing to cleanse your scalp, but one of the best tools at our disposal is the ReNeu Scalp Therapy® Exfoliator. It's a gentle exfoliator specially formulated to remove product and mineral buildup from the scalp, while also calming and protecting your hair. We carry this product at our boutique, and it's incredibly easy to use at home. (By the way, while we’re closed, we can do product deliveries right to your door. Get in touch!)

Scalp exfoliator is easy to use: once a week, put your usual shampoo into your wet hair, apply the EeNeu exfoliator, leave it in for two minutes, and then rinse everything out. Remember, a healthy scalp means stronger hair!

Treat Your Hair

During a crisis like this, we need to look for the little silver linings. And personally, I think this is a great opportunity to do some hair care experiments without having to worry about heading out into the world!

For example, now is definitely the time to try that moisture treatment that's hidden in the back of your bathroom cabinet. If you have any products collecting dust that claim to repair, strengthen, hydrate, or provide deep moisturizing for the hair, why not use them now? Even if you get less-than-desirable results, it's ok, because we're all stuck inside!

Over the last few weeks, I've had some of my clients ask about at-home hair masks. I think this is an incredible idea for at-home hair care. We sell hair masks in our boutique and we’re offering deliveries to your door, but you can also try using ingredients you already have at home. Coconut oil is a great replacement.

Here's how to use a hair mask. First, shampoo like normal, then, while your hair is still wet, add your treatment and massage into your hair. Ideally, you want to put your hair up with the treatment still in it, using a plastic cap or towel to hold in the warmth. Leave it for as long as you can, preferably for at least a few hours. Then rinse it all back out, and be sure to follow up with a conditioner to lock in the moisture. (People often miss this step, don't skip it).

Most of us can really benefit from regular hair treatments like a hair mask. Usually, there isn’t enough time but while we’re all staying at home, this is a great time to give your hair some love. Hair treatments are so easy to do, and your hair will love you for it! Use this time to repair and rehydrate those locks. If you're looking for some exceptional hair mask products that we use at the spa, we sell John Masters Rose Milk Hair Mask and Neuma Moisture Mask and we can deliver them to your home.

Go Heat Free

A considerable percentage of us have no idea how to manage our hair without heat. Every day, we use hair dryers and hot tools to try to get some control over the end result of our hair. Heat can be a handy tool when used in moderation. But have you ever wondered what your hair health would be like if you went heat free for a while?

For the foreseeable future, you have the freedom to experiment with heat-free treatments. What happens if you brush your hair out when it's wet, then let it air dry? What about if you scrunch it, then let it air dry?

Here are a few scenarios you could try:

  • Put your hair in a braid when it's damp, letting it dry fully before you take it out. Check the results, then try two braids, then three. You will find that your hair will become curlier!

  • Here's another idea: How about a loose bun on the top of your head? Sleep on it, and you won't believe the volume you have the next day!

  • Try pinning curls to get control of longer bangs. For example, create a slick curl and pin it to the side of your head. Let it dry, and a beautiful natural wave will have formed in your hair!

As you can see, there are countless possibilities, each with a different product you can try, including smoothing lotion, volumizing spray, curling balm, beach spray, serum, and mousse. Also play with hair accessories, including barrettes, headbands, bobby pins, and elastics. They are all great ways to gain control of your hair if it's not cooperating.

Bringing It Home

What my home hair care advice adds up to is this: Take this time to learn about your hair, what it likes, and what it doesn't. I guarantee you will find a new style you love that requires little to no effort, and zero damage to your hair.

Also know that, the second we can safely reopen, we can’t wait to see you in person again at Thair Hair Boutique & Spa. We're all getting through this, and with healthier hair than ever on the other side!




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