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5 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with Eyebrow Threading!

The last year has been all about gorgeous EYEBROWS and it’s a beauty trend that we are completely on board with! We love the shape and distinction that eyebrows give the face. And if you love beautiful brows, then you’ll definitely want to try threading.

Did you know threading is actually an ancient hair removal technique that originates from India and the Middle East and has been used for thousands of years? Threading has become more and more popular in Western culture, and there are so many reasons why! Here are 5 compelling reasons.

1. Eyebrow Threading is Chemical Free

One of our favourite benefits of eyebrow threading is how safe it is! There are no garbage chemicals involved whatsoever. That’s especially important when you consider how close eyebrow treatments take place to your very sensitive eyes! Please don’t mess around with chemicals close to those peepers!

In threading, the only thing used is a soft cotton thread. There are no artificial products or ingredients that can harm your skin or cause irritation. Winning!

At Thair Hair Boutique and Spa we pride ourselves on our dedication to green, organic, and environmentally friendly sustainable living with our organic products that are completely non-toxic. So it’s no surprise that we love the safety and green aspect of threading.

2. Threading is More Precise

Threading can shape eyebrows with incredible accuracy. Not only can it remove multiple hairs at once but it can even target the smallest of individual hairs too! Threading is like combining the precision of tweezing with waxing’s ability to remove many hairs simultaneously. This level of precision enables our threading artists to shape your eyebrows perfectly.

What’s more, threading gives our brow artists the best view of what they’re doing at all times because there are no other materials (aside from the thread) to get in the way and obstruct their vision. You get perfectly shaped brows every time.

3. Thread is Less Painful

Less painful? Hallelujah! The skin beneath and around our eyebrows is thin and sensitive, which is why techniques that pull directly on this skin are often more painful. But, did you know the thread itself doesn’t touch the skin during hair removal? Think about it. Wax sticks to your skin but threading wraps around the hair and is completely independent from the skin. Who needs extra pain? No thanks!

Not touching the skin definitely reduces the pain that’s often associated with waxing and other hair removal procedures. Once again, it’s a win-win!

4. Threading is Perfect for People With Sensitive Skin

Are you using topical retinoids or acne medications? Those drugs can cause skin to become thinner and even more vulnerable to getting pulled off or damaged during a waxing session. I’m shivering just thinking about it! The last thing you want to do is make your sensitive skin even more sensitive. But no need to panic, because threading is a safer alternative that still gets the job done! And like we said before, it’s way less painful!

5. Threading is Long-Lasting

The results of threading can last anywhere from two to five weeks. However, one of the most important benefits of threading your eyebrows is that threading actually weakens hair follicles! That means hair growth becomes less dense over time. So the more you thread your eyebrows, the thinner the hair will grow in and the less often you’ll need to thread! Love it!

Bonus Reason: It Can be Used on the Whole Face

That’s right! Threading isn’t just an excellent option for removing unwanted eyebrow hair; it’s also ideal for removing all the peach fuzz found on any part of the face! So don’t hesitate to try it on your upper lip, chin, or jawline too. It’s no wonder threading is such a popular hair removal option all around the world.

Book Your Brow Threading Now

Are you looking for the best threading in Toronto? Remember that eyebrow threading requires a considerable amount of skill and hours-upon-hours of practice to master. By booking your appointment with Thair Hair Boutique and Spa, you’re getting the best-trained threading artists who will give you the most gorgeous eyebrows! You’re going to love the results!

We offer our all-natural threading experience on Mondays and Tuesdays so get in touch with us today and book your appointment! We’re located on Yonge Street just North of Lawrence in Toronto and we’d love to see you and your brows soon! We look forward to serving you.




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