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Eye Health & Lash Alternatives

What lash extension method do you use?

There are dozens of different methods out there to enhance our lashes, some super effective, some less so, and some that are just plain weird!

Here at Thair, one of our most popular cosmetic procedures is eyelash extensions, a simple and effective way to dramatically enhance the look of your eyes. But there are other ways out there that promise similar eye-popping results. So, we thought we'd take a look at some of the eye lash alternatives to help you decide which will deliver the best (and safest) results!


Mascara is the tried-and-true makeup method of enhancing your lashes. It's been used for centuries, utilizing a variety of different substances to coat the lashes varying degrees of extension and volume success. Frankly, we can't argue with the results! When high-quality mascara is properly applied, it can dramatically enhance your lashes. But only for a time.

As mascara is makeup, it's temporary. At the end of every day, you will need to wash it off with the rest of your makeup. You also have to worry about what ingredients are used in the mascara. If you aren't using an all-natural formulation, you might be putting harmful and toxic chemicals right next to your eyes. If you want all-natural, non-toxic mascara, you can find some in our boutique.

Also, the effectiveness of mascara depends entirely on your natural lashes. If you have thin lashes, then the effects are going to enhance your lashes on a lower scale. For some people, the only real option is to utilize eyelash extensions to get the look they've always wanted.

At-Home Lash Extensions and “Fake” Eyelashes

At-home lash extensions have been around forever, but it's only in the last few years that the results have started to approach professional results. We say, "approach" because they still have a LONG way to go.

The real danger with at-home eyelashes comes with using glue to adhere the fake lashes to the edge of your eyelid. When you get professional eyelash extensions, you have a trained pro using a giant magnifying lamp, carefully putting the lashes into place. When you're at home, you're looking into your bathroom mirror, holding one eye open while focusing with the other, trying to make sure that you don't get any glue in your eye while trying to place the lashes perfectly. It’s quite a juggling act, and hard to do well!

While some people can get decent results with at-home lashes, in our option, the cons outweigh the pros. Best case, you have okay looking lashes. Worse case, you get glue in your eye and accidentally pull out your natural lashes after making a minor mistake. Or maybe your fake eyelashes start to fall off part way through your night out! Believe us, there are better ways!

Magnetic Lashes

Off-hand, this kind of sounds like something out of science fiction. How on earth can magnets work to enhance your lashes?

There are a ton of different brands out there, but in general, they work like this: You get a package of magnetic lash extensions, two for each eye. You take the top set and lay them on top of your natural lashes. Then you take the bottom set, put them below your natural lashes and SNAP, the magnets on top and bottom sets of lashes latch together, sandwiching your natural lashes between them.

There is also a magnetic option that includes magnetic eyeliner and then the lashes snap to your liner.

Magnetic lashes have been gaining in popularity lately (you’ve probably seen the Instagram ads), but we believe there is still a ways to go. First, putting them on can be a frustrating and awkward experience. Second, putting them on PROPERLY can be even more difficult!

Then there is the issue of having strange magnets that near your eyes. The big question is, do you really want magnets that close to your source of vision, especially with there are other, safer, less-annoying ways to enhance your lashes?

Professional Lash Extensions

When it comes to eyelash extensions in Toronto, we are firmly on the side of letting a professional do it!

There are so many reasons why professional lash extensions are beloved by those who want the best possible results. Here at Thair, we offer three different kinds: Classic, Volume, and Hybrid lash extensions.

The advantage with Thair is, of course, that we always do our best to use all-natural ingredients in our products and services. So, when you get your lash extensions with us, you can rest assured that we are using a non-toxic, all-natural, professional-level glue that's completely free of chemicals. Despite this, it's long-lasting, and you won't have to worry about fills for weeks (if you are following the proper after-care).

Putting aside those advantages, the main reason to get a professional to do your eyelash extensions is the quality of your results. When it comes to applying extensions, you need a steady hand and an artist's eye. In consultation with you, we can determine the best type of lash extension for your desired look. Once applied, you will have the look you want with minimum of fuss or discomfort!

Eyelash Tinting

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could forget about mascara, but still have dark, beautiful lashes? Thankfully, it's simple with eyelash tinting.

You can kind of think of this as a dye job for your eyelashes. We use a variety of all-natural shades (blue black is our most popular), to darken your lashes without the use of mascara. While it isn't permanent, as it will fade over time, it will give you long-lasting, darker lashes in only 15 minutes!

Lash Lift

A Lash Lift is a combination of treatments designed to give you fuller, more dramatic lashes without the need for mascara or extensions.

The method that we use at Thair includes an Eyelash Tint (see above) and an Eyelash Perm. This is very similar to a regular old perm that you would get for your hairstyle, but in an updated, all natural way that’s used right on your lashes! Your eyelashes are wrapped around a roller and natural substances are applied to help them keep this new shape. Once everything is removed, your eyelashes will be slightly more upturned, giving them a longer look than straight ones. The best part is that an eyelash perm can last for weeks to months!

Eye Health - Please read this!

While long eyelashes are an achievable dream with lash extensions, they do require some maintenance. When our clients get their lash extensions, they are given specific instructions on their care. This includes using lash extension shampoo to make sure they are clean and safe. After all, the last thing you want is a bacteria buildup near your eyes!

Unfortunately, we have noticed that some clients are NOT taking these necessary steps to protect their eye health. Because they aren't using proper lash extension shampoo, a ton of nasty junk is building up, getting stuck in the base of the lashes, the follicle, and the all-natural glue that is holding the lash extensions in place. Frankly, Tatjana has seen some scary stuff with the magnifying lamp when working with some of our clients.

That's the reason why, no matter what method of lash enhancement you employ, you MUST follow proper care instructions. As we said, whenever we give someone a lash extension at Thair, we give them detailed aftercare directions to make sure that a) their lashes will always look their best, and b) that their eye health will be protected.

Eye infections are avoidable, so please, make sure that you are using proper lash shampoo. You can find some in our boutique and should consider it a non-optional accessory to your lash extensions.

Beautiful & Safe Eyelash Extensions in Toronto

Lash extensions are the most effective and low-maintenance way to enhance your lashes, provided you follow the care instructions. If you decide that lash extensions, tints, or lifts aren't for you, we also offer an Eyelash Perm! If you'd like to learn more about lash extensions or any of our other all-natural beauty services, please drop by our location or book an appointment with us today!




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