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Exfoliate your Way to Beautiful Skin

Did you know that even if you’re cleansing, slathering on the best moisturizer, and using sunscreen before leaving the house, your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be?

That’s right, you’re missing one very significant step: exfoliation.

If you genuinely want healthy, glowing skin, you can’t forget to exfoliate—especially during the winter months.

Here’s why:

Exfoliation Removes Dead Skin Cells

When you exfoliate, you’re removing the dead skin cells on your skin’s outer surface. Essentially that means that if you don’t exfoliate, you’re presenting the world with a layer of dead skin. The visible surface of your skin can appear uneven, flaky, and patchy. It may even feel rough in texture. That’s not putting your best face forward!

By gently exfoliating the dead skin cells away, you expose the fresh, new, live skin underneath. Your skin will feel smoother and look more fresh and vibrant since only the newer skin cells will be left, unimpeded, to shine! It’s a great way to improve your skin’s tone and give yourself an overall healthier, younger, fresher look.

Exfoliation Reduces Pores

Your pores are tiny openings in the skin where hair follicles grow. When dirt and dead skin build-up in your pores the orifice expands to make room for all the gunk. Yuck. As a result, that build up of dirt makes your pores larger and more visible to the naked eye.

By exfoliating, you remove all the undesirable build-up in your pores, which in turn, makes them smaller. That’s one of the reasons why exfoliating is the way to give yourself that fresh porcelain doll skin you’ve always dreamed of!

Exfoliation Keeps Acne Breakouts at Bay

Are you struggling to manage breakouts and acne? Unfortunately, many people understand the importance of cleansing their skin but overlook the power of exfoliating.

A deep exfoliation can really work magic when it comes to unclogging your pores from excess oil which is a leading cause of acne breakouts. By exfoliating, you eliminate all the yucky stuff that lives on the surface of the skin, removing the excess oil and dirt, which helps you experience a lot fewer breakouts. Phew!

Exfoliation Hides Wrinkles

Are you looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Then you definitely don’t want to skip exfoliating your skin! When you apply makeup over dead skin cells, it just won’t blend into the skin’s surface. Instead, your makeup will sit on top, which is known as the ‘layering effect’. The layering effect actually magnifies fine lines and wrinkles, and nobody wants that.

By removing dead cells through exfoliation, any wrinkles or fine lines you may have will look far less exaggerated, giving you a more youthful and healthy complexion.

Exfoliation Prepares your Skin to Absorb Products Better

Think about this: If you don’t exfoliate then all of the other steps in your skincare routine aren’t as effective. If your pores are blocked, all of your other skincare products won’t successfully penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.

For example, if you remove dirt and build-up from your skin through exfoliation, then your moisturizer can penetrate the depths of your skin and provide you with the best nourishment possible. So if you think about it, exfoliation is vital to your skin’s well-being, and it also helps give you better value for all of the other investments you make into excellent skin care products.

And remember: Exfoliation isn’t just for your face. It’s for your entire body too!

What’s the Best Way to Exfoliate?

So now that you understand the importance of exfoliating, you might be asking yourself what the best way to go about it is? Good question! There isn’t a cookie cutter answer because the best way to exfoliate depends on your complexion and how healthy or sensitive your skin is. If you have extremely sensitive skin or severe acne, you’ll want to select an exfoliating product and method carefully.

Luckily, our well-informed and skilled staff here at Thair Hair Boutique & Spa can help you select the most appropriate method of exfoliation based on your unique needs. Along with our expertise, we can guide you to choose the right products from the wide range of organic exfoliation products and services that we offer.

For example, we have an amazing hydrating sugar scrub by Love Fresh, which is gentle enough to use daily. When you exfoliate with sugar, you help increase circulation, which really rejuvenates the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth!

We also use Wyld’s gentle exfoliating face sponge made from 100% natural Konjac plant. This fantastic product is infused with antibacterial bamboo charcoal, which works to purify pores while nourishing skin with vitamins and minerals. We really can’t get enough of it!

And, if you genuinely want your skin to feel reborn, then you’ll want to take advantage of our Antipodes Reincarnation line. This pure facial polish and exfoliator is made with avocado oil and jojoba beads, two all-natural ingredients that really lift away lifeless skin. Plus, the healing power of marigold bloom oil will work to nurture and repair your skin while the carrot seed extract helps clear and revitalize your skin's surface.

Lastly, we offer dry brushing where we use a soft natural-bristle brush to gently slough off dead, dry skin. The light pressure against your skin and the direction the brush is moving helps move lymph fluid into the lymph nodes in a way that facilitates the removal of waste. This not only improves your skin’s appearance but also enables it to hydrate more efficiently when moisturizer is applied afterwards.

Get Your Exfoliation On

Our team of experts will be more than happy to consult with you on the perfect, all-natural exfoliating routine for your personal skin needs so your skin can look and feel Ah-MAY-zing! Get in touch with us today and learn more about our organic exfoliation products and services so you can help keep your youthful look for years to come. You know you want to!




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