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Don't wait for someone to buy you flowers...

February is such a sleepy month with not much distraction (Winter Olympics? What’s that?) Of course there’s always Valentine’s Day to celebrate…but not everybody is keen on Cupid’s charms. While others cozy up at the trendiest new Toronto restaurant, my plans for V-day are hate-watching Fifty Shades Freed to see if the final film in the smutty EL James series lives up to its eviscerating reviews.

To help counteract these Winter February blues (ok, maybe it’s just MY winter blues), we thought we’d add a second blog for this month that features a new facial treatment that Thair is really excited about. The best part is, this treatment is 50% off for the month of February.

Soooooo what is this amazing facial treatment that is so awesome, it can even make Christian Grey emote beyond a moody scowl?

It’s called the Oxygen Jet Peel and I promise it’s a lot more pleasant than the clinical name suggests! I can attest to being the biggest wimp when it comes to having any kind of procedure done to my body or face, but I trust Tatjana so much that I overcame my apprehension and allowed myself to enjoy the most fabulous 45 minutes of pampering. The service begins with having the face cleansed and steamed in order to open up the pores. Once the face is prepped, Tatjana uses a handheld tool that acts like a miniature pressure washer for the face. The treatment incorporates a combination of oxygen and saline (sterile salt water) through the device at supersonic speed mimicking a micro circulation. The air pressure, water, and oxygen work together to penetrate below the surface of the face in order to exfoliate the dead skin layers, hydrate, stimulate cellular growth, and repair damage. There is also an option to add serums to the mixture if there’s a specific skin condition that needs attention, such as acne, for example. The result of the procedure is that the skin feels super hydrated, dewy, and vibrant.

Other claims to the Oxygen Jet Peel’s effectiveness is that it rejuvenates the skin to make it appear younger and evens out the skin tone. It is gentle enough that a client experiences no recovery time, nor is there any redness or irritation afterwards. Rather, the face looks instantly refreshed and ready to face the world! With results being immediately perceived, it’s the IDEAL treatment to have before a special occasion…a date, wedding, or work interview! Another reason the Oxygen Jet Peel is so extraordinary is that it’s designed to benefit all ages, genders, skin types (oily, dry, combination) and skin problems (sun damage, wrinkles, acne, etc). As well, it complements other treatments, such as facial toning, microdermabraision, and peels. What I most appreciate about the Oxygen Jet Peel is that it relies on all natural ingredients…you can’t get more natural than harnessing the power of oxygen and saltwater, two elements that are so nourishing this time of year!

Oxygen Jet Peel is often recommended as a gentler, safer, and more comfortable alternative to microdermabrasion. Instead of experiencing a sensation like sandpaper and heat, the Oxygen Jet Peel by contrast, feels like a soft wet cooling impression that is refreshing, soothing, and not at all abrasive. I LOVED the wet cooling action that reminded me of ice cold wet stones gliding over my face. It’s like a car wash for the face! Tatjana strategically places towels around the head and underneath to collect the moisture, so there’s no discomfort from the spraying water to contend with later. As well, the face doesn’t have to heal after the Oxygen Jet Peel therapy as is the case of microdermabrasion, where a client’s face is left raw, red, and irritated until the skin begins to heal itself.

Post-treatment, I had a funny unexpected result where the following day after seeing Tatjana, I ran out the door without washing my face, because my skin felt so clean and moisturized that I forgot that I hadn’t completed my daily morning facial ritual. It’s been almost a week since I’ve had it done and my face still feels soft and clear in the morning. I forgot to take before or after photos, but my face definitely feels clearer/cleaner.

While one treatment can showcase results (as it did for me), the ideal way to experience continued improvement and lasting benefits is to get the service done consecutively on a weekly basis, then tapering off to monthly maintenance. The current cost of each treatment is $85, but there are discounts available for those wanting to purchase a bulk set of treatments. Also, for the month of February, Thair is offering the service for 50% off. Even at the full rate, this service is incredibly well priced below market value and is a rare luxury that is somewhat new to the North American spa industry. The Oxygen Jet Peel is much more common in Europe where the technique was invented and where Tatjana initially learned about it. Thair is one of the few locations in Toronto to offer it, especially at such an affordable price.

I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog, but I’ll emphasize again, how amazing Tatjana is! Different than an average esthetician with limited training, Tatjana’s range of skills and education not only enable her to be able to bring in unique treatments from Europe, but also to customize the experience for each client based on their skin condition and type. I’m always amazed at her attention to detail. She genuinely cares about addressing a client’s specific skincare needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all factory approach. For example, after finishing my Oxygen Jet Peel, I was given a nutrient rich mask that further enhanced the progress made by the treatment in helping to smooth my skin out from past years of scarring. This last step was an unexpected surprise.

Don’t be a Valentine’s Day wet blanket like me…you can opt to make a healthier life choice by pampering yourself with a special service at Thair! Don’t wait for someone to buy you a spa day, treat yourself instead!




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