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Have White Spots Around Your Eyes? You Might Have Cholesterol Deposits

It's often the small things that can drive us the craziest.

Do you remember being a teenager, losing your mind because you were heading to school with a "big" pimple on your forehead? Never mind that EVERYONE else had pimples too; the possibility that someone would notice your blemish probably caused you some major teenage anxiety!

As adults, we like to think that we've grown past that, but the reality is that one single dot or discolouration on our face can cause a lot of anxiety. So, what happens when you have little blemishes, like white dots around your eyes? Should it be a cause for skin care panic? What are these small white and yellow dots and is there anything that you can do about them?

Cholesterol Deposits

When you hear "cholesterol deposits" you might immediately think that it has something to do with the heart or arteries. But the reality is, these deposits are quite common on the face, especially around the eyes.

Cholesterol deposits, otherwise known as xanthelasma, are small white or yellow pockets of fatty material that build up underneath your skin, often on your upper and lower eyelids. While they are mostly benign (although they can become irritated), their appearance can be very unwelcome.

These deposits can form if have high levels of low-density (bad) lipoprotein cholesterol, low levels of high-density (good) lipoprotein cholesterol, high levels of both, or elevated levels of triglycerides. Contributing factors to cholesterol deposits around the eyes can be diets high in saturated fats, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, or medications such as beta-blockers.

If you have cholesterol deposits, it's important that you get checked out by your family doctor to make sure that they aren't a symptom of a more serious health condition… But if you find out that they’re purely cosmetic? Well, that is something that we can help with!

Cholesterol Deposits - Treatment in Toronto

Unlike with whiteheads, cholesterol deposits can't be dealt with through "at-home" methods of skincare. Squeezing one will only cause significant skin irritation and potentially invite an infection around the eye region, a big no-no.

We have the perfect solution: VascuLyse. It’s a completely non-invasive treatment and it really works!


To get into the technical side of the treatment, a non-invasive electrical current cuts off the blood flow to the affected sites. Once the blood flow is stopped, the body reabsorbs the "damaged" tissue, including around the deposit, eliminating the blemish. It’s very effective.


It’s also a relatively comfortable procedure, given its non-invasive nature. You might feel a prickling sensation during treatment but it’s definitely nothing scary. Unlike other treatments, VascuLyse doesn't break the skin, eliminating the possibility of scarring in delicate areas like around your eyes. Piece of cake!

Time & Cost-Effective

On top of all this, it's super time and cost-effective! A trained professional will be able to treat your cholesterol deposits in about fifteen minutes. Depending on the severity of the condition or the number of deposits, it may require more than one appointment. It works for all skin types in both men and women. It's an incredibly versatile, safe, and affordable treatment!

Beautiful Skin

The best thing about VascuLyse is that it treats much more than just cholesterol deposits. It's our go-to for other common skin conditions, like broken capillaries, skin tags, spider veins, milia, and more. With a recovery period of only three to five days, it has a big leg-up on alternative treatments.

One of the main reasons why people choose to live with skin conditions like cholesterol deposits is because it can feel like such a hassle to have them removed—but in fact, it’s so easy! If you've been bothered by cholesterol deposits around your eyes, at Thair Hair Boutique & Spa we can help in just fifteen minutes! Plus, we offer a free consultation so you can discuss all of your skincare concerns and learn everything you need to know about VascuLyse. We invite you to book your appointment today and make your cholesterol deposits a thing of the past!




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